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The Importance of Education in Casting and Splinting

 The Association of Orthopaedic Practitioners ( AOP ) states within its web site as two of its core aims:

 “To support and promote the nationally recognised British Casting Certificate and seek to further develop this qualification at diploma and degree levels.”


“To promote and maintain the highest possible personal conduct and professional standards for the purpose of providing high quality safe patient care”.

The British Orthopaedic Association ( BOA ) have published various statements within their web site under their “Patient Standards and Expectation Papers”. In “Expectations and Responsibilities of Child Orthopaedic Patients and their Families (revised 2014)” it states:

“ ensure all members of the multi disciplinary team have the appropriate qualifications ( e.g. where it is necessary for the patient to have a cast it should be put on either by or under the direct supervision of a member of staff who holds a British Casting Certificate)”

and under “Expectations of Trauma and Orthopaedic Patients( revised 2011)” it states:

“Furthermore should our injury require a cast we would expect that it is put on either by or under the direct supervision of a member of staff who holds a British Casting Certificate....”

The AOP recognises the potential serious harm that can be caused to patients by the application of poorly applied casts by members of staff who have not been appropriately trained to recognised standards including, in severe cases, limb and even life threatening scenarios.

The AOP is further committed as expressed in our core aims to providing high quality and safe care which we believe can be better achieved through attainment of the nationally recognised examination- based qualification, the British Casting Certificate.

It is therefore the AOP’s belief that in the best interests of high quality patient care and to safeguard patient safety as well as to protect staff from potential litigation, attainment of the British Casting Certificate is the minimum qualification needed to apply casts to patients. Furthermore, casts should not be applied by members of staff who do not hold a current certificate or at the very least are under the direct supervision of a member of staff who does hold the certificate and are working towards it themselves. It is essential that certificate holders maintain their BOA registration to ensure practice continues to be of a high standard and patients receive care based on the current evidence available.

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