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Re-Certification for Holders Of The British Casting Certificate.

Hello to all British Casting Certificate holders (BCC).

As Professor David Rowley states in the latest Orthopaedic Practitioner Magazine (30 year celebration 1980-2010):

“You have to engage in CPD (Continuing Practice and Development) and maintain your integrity of the profession, if you want to move forward”

As he says:                        "Help Us To Help You"

Re-certification has been running for a number of years now and is an important and vital role in pursuing our recognition for professional status and unification for all BCC holders. Regulation would benefit us immensely from remuneration in pay and status within our careers. There would also be a defined entry into our profession and true professional recognition.
It is essential we have a current and up to date register.

Currently there are 1,660 holders of the BCC. Most of you have re-registered, but some are LAPSED.

Holders of the BCC who are on the lapsed register may not be fulfilling their employer’s contractual agreements. NHS trusts require all professions to be registered.

Without you on our register the total numbers of Orthopaedic Practitioners / Technicians are not enough to stand and be counted.

Without you, we cannot move forward and achieve the recognition we deserve.

After all Re-Certification is currently only £45.00 for 3 years.

If you are unsure of your status please contact the database manager, Paul Adamson.
Telephone: 01803 655136

See also the article on Education and Regulation Update from the National Casting Training Advisor

This page last updated: 16 March 2017

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