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Conference Fees Bursary - Details

The Bursary fund exists to assist delegates who otherwise could not afford to attend the conference. A limited number of bursaries are available to cover the whole or part of the equivalent member cost of the event. We aim to allocate them as fairly as possible.

Bursaries are only for available for those attending Friday to Sunday.

Travel costs are NOT covered.

Awarding of Bursaries:
In awarding a bursary the Committee may base its decision on factors such as:-

Membership of AOP or OTA
Commitment to attend the Conference if successful.
Commitment to learn and implement learning for themselves and others.
Why you want to attend Conference.

For the AOP to make a decision, applicants are expected to complete and submit a Bursary Application. Please do this before submitting a Conference Room/Attendance Booking.

Bursary Application Form, complete all fields and save it.
To edit this form you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader app installed.
Then send completed form via email to


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